• Motorcycle Chains Motorcycle chains from DEMY are all made of high quality raw material, as a result, all our products have been ISO9001:2000 certified. We offer a wide range of motorcycle chains that are extensively used by motorcycle manufactures.
    And the specifications could be obtained below. ..
  • Roller Chains Roller chains are also known as bush roller chain. They are regularly used for mechanical power transmission in various industrial and agricultural equipment as well as two-wheeled vehicles, like bicycles and motorcycles, and so on. At DEMY, you can obtain both simplex and duplex roller chains. ..
  • Conveyor Chains As a conveyor chain producer and supplier, we at DEMY have a group of experts with resourceful design experience and flexible producing techniques to provide you with professional suggestions on conveyor chain choosing and maintenance. We are looking forward to your calls or orders. ..
  • Leaf Chains Leaf chains can be used as counterweight chains in wide range of equipment, such as forklift truck masts, machine tools, elevators and so on.
    Additionally, they are also extensively used in flood defense barriers and straddle carriers, etc. for their characteristic of high fatigue strength, long service life and good wear-resistance. ..

As a chain manufacturer and supplier in China, Ningbo Demy can produce motorcycle chains, roller chains, conveyor chains, and leaf chains for use in forklift truck masts, machine tools, agricultural machinery, textile machinery and sewage treatment industry, etc.
Chains provided by Ningbo Demy, a famous chains manufacturer in China, has been received ISO9001:2000 certification. Relying on excellent quality, reasonable price and considerate service, our chains have been well accepted in many countries, such as America, Germany, France, Philippines, and Portugal and so on.
We believe that you will be satisfied with our quality and service once you decide to cooperate with us. We are looking forward to your order.