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What is an axle and what is a shaft?
An axle (or axle shaft) refers to a rod that connects a pair of wheels on a vehicle. And an axle shaft usually includes a front axle shaft and a rear axle shaft.
A shaft usually refers to a metal bar that joints parts of a machine or an engine together. Thus enable power and movement to be passed from one part to another.
As a result, as a matter of fact, shafts and axles have similar shapes and functions.

Functions of axle and shafts:
Vehicle axles are necessary in wheeled vehicles. They primarily function to maintain the wheel position and vehicle body.
Additionally, vehicle axles have to support the weight of the vehicle and the weight of goods or passengers on the vehicle. However, the functions of an axle or shaft are varying in accordance with vehicle design. For example, an axle may serve as an integral part of the vehicle drivetrain. Furthermore, axles can also be used for slowing down a vehicle by applying force to brake axle rotation.

Available axle shafts at DEMY:
We can provide axle and shafts made of the following materials, carbon steel, free cutting steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper or brass and aluminum, etc. We can also produce axle shafts based on customers' drawing, samples and required material. All our axles and shafts are made in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 requirement. Welcome to choose our products. OEM and ODM production are both welcomed.

Available Size:
Diameter: 10mm to 800mm; Length: 100mm to 5000mm