(Machinery Part, spare parts)

DEMY, a manufacturer of bearing, chains and belts, etc. in China, can also provide various types hardware like bushings.

Available bushings here:
Aluminum alloy bushings, bi-metal bushings, SF1-B, brass and copper bushings are all available here.
DEMY, as a bushing producer and supplier, can provide bushings with different sizes: 25MM×30MM×85MM, 28MM×34MM×68MM, 25MM×30MM×67MM, 40MM×48MM×42MM; 30MM×36MM×96MM, and more.

1. Middle load capacity and middle anti-fatigue
2. Applied in middle speed. High impact conditions
3. Good anti-corrosion and anti-wearing capability

Know more:
what is a bushing?

Bushings are cylindrical linings functioning to help reduce wear and friction, or to help restrain the movement of mechanical components. A bushing, generally speaking, is a kind of bearing.
Bushings are usually made of anti-corrosion and anti-wearing materials, in order to prolong its service life.