Machinery Part

  • Steel Balls At DEMY, we can provide wide range of steel balls in different materials and precision. Stainless steel, chrome steel and carbon steel balls are all available here.
    And our steel balls with size ranging from 0.5mm to 250 mm are provided here. ..
  • Shaft An axle (or axle shaft) refers to a rod that connects a pair of wheels on a vehicle. And an axle shaft usually includes a front axle shaft and a rear axle shaft.
    A shaft usually refers to a metal bar that joints parts of a machine or an engine together. Thus enable power and movement to be passed from one part to another. ..
  • Pulley At DEMY we primarily produce pulleys with plastic covers. These pulleys with plastic covers can be extensively used as casters, rollers or rolling-elements for sliding doors and windows, etc.
    We adopted wide range of engineering plastics for producing the plastic cover our pulleys, including PA, PA 66, PA 66 with 30% GF, POM and PU, etc. ..
  • Bushing Bushings are cylindrical linings functioning to help reduce wear and friction, or to help restrain the movement of mechanical components. A bushing, generally speaking, is a kind of bearing.
    Bushings are usually made of anti-corrosion and anti-wearing materials, in order to prolong its service life. ..